Information about the Peak Pilgrimage

You can take between two and seven days over the pilgrimage, staying somewhere new each night. You will need to order the Pilgrimage Guidebook from Eyam church – just click this ‘Guidebook’ link. This gives you all the details of the route and will be an entertaining and informative companion for you. It includes maps and photos and will also lead you into some spiritual reflections and conversations with your friends.

The walking route is almost entirely on footpaths through beautiful but easy walking countryside, popping into occasional villages and passing lots of enticing pubs and cafes. Most if not all the pilgrimage route has waymarks to help you on your way. 

 Please look out for waymarks to help you but don't rely on them! Read the Guidebook and look at maps in it as your primary navigation aid. The route also manages to pass a dozen or so churches. You are invited to pop into each one, have a look round and say a prayer.

However, there is also a passport-style stamp in each church you can use to stamp a special page of your Guidebook and also a Bible verse to stick into it. Every pilgrim who arrives in Eyam with a Guidebook full of stamps and verses will receive a pilgrimage memento! So perhaps you only need one Guidebook per group but please also consider buying one for every person who would like to stamp the pages and collect the verses and memento. If you have two children coming with you, family harmony may well depend on having two Guidebooks! When you get to Eyam there will be lots to do both in the church and around the village.



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