The Peak Pilgrimage Guidebook is a travelling companion for your journey, leading your way both physically and spiritually.

This pocket sized book contains maps and directions to keep you on the right path and invites you into 14 churches along the way. In each church, there is a Bible verse sticker to collect and a passport-style stamp that you can use on a special page of your Guidebook. Every pilgrim who arrives in Eyam with a Guidebook full of stamps and verses will receive a pilgrimage memento!

Although you may only need one Guidebook per group, please also consider buying one for every person who would like to stamp the pages and collect the verses and memento. If you have two children coming with you, family harmony may well depend on having two Guidebooks!


Buying your Guidebooks

Guidebooks cost £7.99 each and are available to purchase on line. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Alternatively you can order Guidebooks by writing to 

Eyam Parish Church Office, Church Street, Eyam, Derbyshire S32 5QH

Please state how many Guidebooks you require, enter your name and postal address and enclose a cheque (including £1.50 postage) payable to "Eyam Parish Church".


If you require any help in ordering your Guidebooks, please contact our bookings office:


We hope you enjoy using the Peak Pilgrimage Guidebook and derive pleasure and spiritual uplifting from the Pilgrimage. Do remember that the countryside, whilst often beautiful, is an ever changing environment and paths that are safe and pleasant one day can be treacherous or impassable on another. The information provided in the Guidebook is believed to be accurate at the time of going to press, but neither the author, the publisher nor any other person involved in its production, publication or distribution can accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies contained therein.  If you do find any inaccuracies, please advise the publisher by email at the address given on the 'Contact us' page of this website.

The Peak Pilgrimage Guidebook is published by Mompesson Press (a trading name of Eyam PCC)